Bologna. A gastronomic dossier

In our freaky hearts, there’s a little special place for this peculiar city. Yes, Bologna is quite peculiar. In Italy we have different nicknames for this city: Bologna the Fat (soon you’ll understand why!) Bologna the Erudite (its university is the oldest in the world, being settled on 1088!) and Bologna the Red (some say because … More Bologna. A gastronomic dossier


Hardangerlefse: the sweetest side of Norway

It’s been a month since when we came back to Barcelona. Now, it’s the right time to share the best recipe we have discovered during our gastronomic wonders around Norway. Hardangerlefse can be translated as “flatbread from Hardanger” and we discovered it in the Norsk Folkemuseum in Oslo. We tried it when it was still … More Hardangerlefse: the sweetest side of Norway