Hardangerlefse: the sweetest side of Norway

It’s been a month since when we came back to Barcelona. Now, it’s the right time to share the best recipe we have discovered during our gastronomic wonders around Norway. Hardangerlefse can be translated as “flatbread from Hardanger” and we discovered it in the Norsk Folkemuseum in Oslo. We tried it when it was still … More Hardangerlefse: the sweetest side of Norway

Travel: Norway

Our first exploration of Scandinavia has started and (unfortunately) yesterday we came back home after eleven days in Norway. We approached our trip as a sort of first expedition to Norway – such a big and wonderful country that it’s definitely not possible to know it in just a few days. The only thing we … More Travel: Norway

The Liebster Award

We are a blogging-duo and our blog is really young, and when we say young we actually mean new born. However, on our first day of digital life we’ve already discovered that there’s a huge, active and passionate community of travel bloggers who want to share their experiences and getting to know each other. This … More The Liebster Award

Chivuos Raval: craft beers as we like ’em!

Finding the perfect burger is a task; it requires time, passion and dedication.  Should you want to combine it with a good artisanal beer it is something challenging.  Well,we somehow managed to combine them both.  It’s called Chivuos,  and God know it worth a visit. The first time we went there it was in Gracia, the … More Chivuos Raval: craft beers as we like ’em!

Next destination: Norway

In the last couple of days we’ve started to plan our summer holidays. Living in Barcelona, with our offices at a 5 minutes walking distance from the beach, we decided to go somewhere completely different. We started looking for some possible destinations on Google Flights  and eventually booked a flight to Oslo. It’s going to be … More Next destination: Norway