The Ultimate Pumpkin Soup


It is a truth (almost) universally acknowledged that Halloween it’s all about pumpkins. That’s why today we’ll share the best pumpkin soup recipe we’ve ever tried, which has been experimented and developed by a skilful friend of ours.

As she suggested, first and foremost, you need the right kind of pumpkin: “you want the small one that is slightly greenish on the outside”, that’s what she said.

When we asked her for the recipe she told me that this soup has proven to kill all nasty bacteria, cure gastrointestinal infections, and prolong the life expectancy and general well-being of anyone who’s ever tasted it…we can’t prove all of these, but, at least, we can tell you that this is the ultimate comfort food you can prepare to cheer you up from winter cold and melancholy.

The recipe comes from a diary page of the fluid memory of the friend of ours, which means that she doesn’t make it always in the same way because she said that it’s better to do always something different, as that enriches the process and you could discover more interesting combinations of flavours or textures.

Now it’s time to start with the preparation!


• 1 small pumpkin

• 2 carrots

• 2 potatoes

• ginger

• coriander

• pumpkin seeds


Sauté the finely chopped ginger in olive oil and throw in some garlic as well. Once they turn slightly transparent- not burnt- add the roughly chopped pumpkin and carrots (peeled and taken the very core part out). Little tip: cut the pieces differently so they cook differently.

Steam them for a bit, just let them soften and absorb the flavours that are simmering underneath.

Then add some water.

Proportions are difficult to get right. But the less-is-more rule applies, where less stands for water and more- for density and taste!

That is to be brought to boil. Then you immediately reduce the heat, let it simmer again.

After 10 mins you add the potatoes, for they need less time to cook. Don’t use many- 2 or 3 are enough, they are there to add texture.

You know the soup is ready when you can easily halve the carrots with a spoon.

Then you need to blend it and make it creamy, then add seasoning and if you want to watch your sodium, adding salt at the end is best.

Serve with either some heavy cream or a spoonful of crème fraîche dumped in the middle. As a finishing touch, you can add fresh coriander and pumpkin seeds on top.

A fresh piece of baguette with some lush grass-fed butter on the side would make your heart rate go up, but for a good reason: it’s called love.





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