Next Destination: Vietnam

Here we are, planning our next holidays. This year it has been kind of complicated because there are so many places we want to visit but our budget is not as wide as the whole world.

We started with the idea of going to Mama Africa. We had been advised to not travel by our own and that it would be safer to join a group trip or this kind of things. However, we are not really into group travels, and this idea was not too much compelling to us. Perhaps a volunteering or a sustainable tour would have been a better option. We started to had a look at several NGO, but the most trustful ones were not so cheap as we could manage at this stage of our life.

Unfortunately, we had to drop out of the idea to visit Mama Africa (at least for now….) and start looking for more affordable options.

So we started to look at the many flight promotions around the world, and we tightened our possible destinations to only 2 options: Cuba and Vietnam.

You may think what the hxxx do they have in common? Well, actually one thing: Cuba and Vietnam are the only two nations in the world able to defeat the greatest military force of the Western World! Not an easy task at all….

We had already been to Latin America a couple of years ago, jumping between Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. So this time it was definitely the right time to start exploring a new continent and a couple of days ago we purchased our flight tickets to Vietnam!

We’ll leave in a few months so we have plenty of time to plan the full itinerary, even if we wouldn’t like the idea to be too strict because when going to such different places you never know what to expect and where you will really want to spend the most of the time.

By now the idea is to spend the first 3 days in Ho Chi Minh City, where will be landing. Then go to the centre of the country and spend few days in Hoi An.

The North of the country is actually the region that has drawn most of our attention, possibly visiting Sapa and its natural and rural surroundings, the lakes of the Ba Be National Park, the very north of Dong Van district and perhaps even the Ha Long Bay, which seems to be a must see.

We have to confess something to you: many people told us that Vietnamese food is probably the most interesting gastronomy in the Far East.

How could we resist this foodie temptation?


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