Finding Doraemon

Once upon a time, we were living in London.  Wandering around the city center, we were attracted by the strangest places around.  Between them, there was a small restaurant for Japanese food called Tokyo Diner.  We’ve been there several times, and I can proudly tell you that we tried almost all of their dishes on the menu. With pleasure.
Once in Amsterdam, jumping around the channels, we found another place Japanese Pancake World (thanks to Amsterdam Foodie, great blog!) where to eat a proper Okonomyaki. You can choose between the Okinawa style or the northern one, sitting on the bar top with the cooker in front of you.  I stared at him all the time, watching his hands mixing eggs and vegetables with care while smelling the best perfumes.  Lekker!

Coming back to our Mediterranean experience, coming back home we stumbled upon a Kawai Place in the middle of the Eixample in Barcelona, our hometown.  It is called Yatai, in Carrer del Comte d’Urgell 112.  Full of colours and full of anime based characters, that’s the place you want to live a bit of our Japanese memories around the world.

We enjoyed an Oyakodon with chicken and eggs and some Yakisoba with shrimps and octopus – tasty and full of flavour – with some appetisers that looked like they were coming straight out from a Miyazaki movie.  Luckily, we did not transform into a pig.  Until now, at least.

We’ve never been to Japan (not yet!) so we cannot tell how truly Japanese this place is, but we can tell you that it feels like jumping into a cartoon full of strange and curious food. There’s even a Doraemon’s dessert to bring you back to childhood memories.





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