London is always calling 

Once a friend of us claimed that she was affected by a strange kind of illness: London. Apparently she has to go there at least once per year, otherwise she gets nostalgic.

Well, we are probably as much London freak as our beloved friend. That’s why in less than 24 hours will be visiting the Queen…oh no! We forgot to tell her…well there will be many things to do in the city!

Our wishlist includes:

1) a tour through the Kew Gardens for sure! For some reasons we’ve never been in London during the spring time, so it looks like the perfect time to go!

2) a visit at the Tate Gallery, where the exhibition Queer British Art is currently on show…sooooo curious to see it!

3) an homage visit to the bookshop Gay’s the Word in Marchmont Street, where LGBTQ+ activists and miners first joined their forces against that evelish Margaret that nobody is missing.

Last but not least we hope to enjoy some great Japanese food at Tokyo Dinner…mmmm delicious! It was our favourite restaurant when we lived there and it’s been a while since the last time we had the pleasure to eat their gorgeous rice bowls.

Perhaps there will be a even a little space for a traditional Sunday roast in a dark and cosy pub before leaving…who knows…

Looking forward to seeing you London!


One thought on “London is always calling 

  1. I planned to go to Kew Gardens on my last trip, but the line was down making it an hour to get there by bus and we only had the day, so sadly had to skip it 😦 hope you have fun though!


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