Interview with Vittoria’s Secret Recipes

We are not alone in the world of food freaks. There are many of them out there and we found one of the most inspiring person among this international community: Vittoria, founder of Vittoria’s Secret Recipes.

Vittoria is Italian, she comes from a beautiful and unfortunately unknown southern region called Calabria. A must-visit for every gastronomic traveller. She lives in London since four years and four months, and now she is working on her blog and her cooking workshops.

Vittoria started the adventure of blogging in August 2015, when she had just finished a Master and whilst looking for a job. “I didn’t want to waste all this spare time, but use it in order to do something meaningful and that at the same time I enjoyed” – she said. Vittoria is definitely an unconventional blogger, who succeeded in bringing her online activity t the real offline world. Above all she has a strong passion for food, she has a big recipes’ repertoire and she is good at cooking.

We have asked her few questions, trying to reveal some of her secrets.

When and how did you start to give cooking workshops?
I have started a few months after launching the blog. It started out of a friends’ request that then I transformed into a business. Some friends asked me if I could teach them how to make fresh pasta. I was really enjoying it and now I am at the point that I quit my job to do this full time.

How did the blog change your life?
My life and priorities changed and the blog has been a direct consequence of these changes. I am pregnant and I am getting married. I want to have time for my baby and for me, so a full-time job was not really an option. The blog and the flexibility of the cooking classes are perfect to conciliate work and family.

What do you like the most about giving cooking workshops?
The fact that I meet people from everywhere in the world, with completely different backgrounds and I have the time and the opportunity to talk to them. I really enjoy the interaction with others in a job. My previous job was at a desk alone, and my only interactions were with the computer or in the coffee break. I don’t want to go back.

In Italy almost everybody has made pasta at least once in the life. How do people approach pasta making in your classes?
Some of them already tried on their own and didn’t succeed. So they come to the class to see what they have done wrong. The majority has never cooked in its life and it’s funny to see how they are scared of touching the flour and the eggs, getting their hands dirty. At the end of the class, they all had lots of fun.

You are living in UK since a while now, how this experience has influenced your cooking style?
The great thing about London is that you can have the best of every cuisine. So I do not have only influence from the UK, but from all over the world. I go in a restaurant or for a trip. I try something new there and then I replicate at home. And I try until I don’t get to the same taste of the original. I have a lot of Thai influence in my cuisine.

What’s your favourite British recipe?
Rhubarb and berries crumble. The people here can make really nice desserts.

And your favourite Italian recipe?
Lasagna. For the next blog post I am going to prepare a Valentine’s special with a heart-shaped lasagna made with small meatballs.

Is there any particular place in the world where you wish to go just to discover the traditional food?
Yes, Japan. I would like to learn how to make sushi like a real Japanese. I love sushi and everything about the Japanese culture.


If you live in London, or you are planning a trip, and you don’t want to miss the chance to learn how to make the real Italian pasta, you can check out Vittoria’s Facebook page here:

Vittoria’s Secrets Revealed

Vittoria’s Secret Recipes








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