Fava beans with milk and mint

Fava beans grow in a rare combination between glory and misery.

Glory, because they are among the most fine legumes on this planet. Misery, because you will find them only in traditional and heavy recipes from the Mediterranean countryside, that were part of the daily diet of farmers.

There are many ways to cook fava beans, from falafel to stew. Or you can even simply boil them and enrich their flavour with tons of garlic and parsley.

One of our favourite recipes with this precious legume is Fava beans with milk and mint. The best comfort food ever.

This recipe belonged to a beloved aunt, who was famous also for her delicious budino. We used to eat her special recipe with fresh fava beans in the countryside during the springtime, serving them along laughs and talks.



Fresh fava beans (you can have as much as you like, but we would suggest no more than 300 gr for 4 people)

6 leaves of mint

1 clove of garlic

1 glass of whole milk

olive oil (1 spoon p.p.)

Salt & pepper



Heat the olive oil in a large pan. Add the clove of garlic as soon as the oil gets hot, but remember to take it away after around 30 seconds before the garlic turns brown. At this point add the fava beans and mix it for half a minute, in this way they will fully grasp the flavours of olive oil and garlic. Now add salt, pepper and the glass of milk in order to cover completely the fava beans.

Mix gently and live the fava beans to cook at low temperature until the milk evaporates and it turns in a thick cream(which means about 30 minutes). Chop the mint leaves and add them in the last minutes of cooking.


Easy, fast and beautifully tasty.

Once you will serve this deli to your friends, you’ll directly enter into their gourmet wall of fame!






5 thoughts on “Fava beans with milk and mint

  1. Ive tried this recipe twice and both times the milk has curdled, how ever I did not remove the outer skin of the bean, as I have always eaten them whole…


    1. I don’t know why but I’ve never seen your comment before… I am so sorry to hear that your milk curdled, perhaps it cooked for too long!


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