Petit Brot: consciously raw food


Food is not only about taste. Eating sometimes goes into ethic and health. Before having lunch, going to a restaurant or buying some food at a supermarket we should always ask to ourselves: where does it come from?

Here in Barcelona there’s a little healthy island in the greasy Raval that makes this job easier, and way more enjoyable for your mouth. It’s a little juice bar called Petit Brot, located in Carrer del Doctor Dou, one of the most beautiful streets in the neighborhood.

Besides creating their delicious smoothies, Petit Brot also built up a truly sustainable café, using only selected materials for both the furniture and their tasty recipes. The menu is based on raw and living foods, which are 100% cruelty-free, seasonal and rich of natural properties.

We tried one called Força Vital freshly made squeezing together every kind of thing that could come from a vegetable garden: kale, beetroot, cucumber and ginger. The combination of ingredients was for strong vegan mouths, but we would say that this kind of food is more about the whole experience around it and not for gourmet accustomed to filling ducks to smooth their lives.

That’s why we’ve spent something like two hours and half drinking our smoothies. We were just sitting at the wooden table, enjoying our conversation and simply chilling out and taking our time slowly and fully aware of what we were actually eating. Which is definitely worth the asperities of taste!


A reading suggestion for all those who are planning to visit the Petit Brot: Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer.


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