Deep dive into the River Plate: La Malandrina

People and countries are devoted to all sort of things; Santa Claus maybe coming from Spain with a lot of black servants it is one of the most bizarre ever heard. A legend about Argentina – as told to me by a friend – is that by zooming in into the Google Map in an empty part of the huge Argentinian pampa you will find some vacas happily breeding themselves. Well, I tried, and I can tell you that is almost true.

What is not a legend is the water mouthing taste of the Argentinian meat. Oh yes. Definitely. Sure. You cannot tell. I mean, before going to the Southern Cone two years ago I was a vegetarian. Truly, deeply into it. Then I arrived there and changed my mind. And it was love.

Here in Barcelona you can find a place in Barceloneta that is able to serve you all the delicacy of the Argentinian meat done in the style I got used to when looking at the Southern Cross. There is no magic recipe behind the amazing taste: people there will simply add some salt to the meat, and then on the parrilla. Easy, yet any less extraordinary.

La Malandrina has two small restaurants and a huge queue in front. No boludeces here: you can choose between the best beef meat cuts and sure you will pay way less than you expect. Usually we take the bife or the asado de tira, enjoying it with some chimichurri on the top, some creamy potatoes and a good red wine. Mind one suggestions: the service here is pretty fast as they are masters in grilling the meat, so do not waste your appetite by eating bread while waiting. You will really need some good space, and you will be delighted to fill your body with the taste of pampa.

The atmosphere is frantic and easy, so this is not definitely a place for a first romantic date, unless you are keen to warn your sweetheart that at the end of your dinner your eyes will be shaped like South America and you will be singing some tangos. But the interaction with waiters and the deep smell of the asado over the fire will fill your soul with such an happiness that – believe me – the Malandrina will be the place to go every month.

So sorry that I cannot write more, but I am heading towards Barceloneta now. This is a warning: Malandrina can really be addictive.



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