Weekend treat: crostata with custard and peaches


For the pastry:

Flour 250 gr

Butter 125 gr

Sugar 80 gr

Milk 3 spoons

Egg yolk 1

For the custard:

Milk 250 gr

Flour 30 gr

Sugar 40 gr

Egg yolk 2

Peaches 3


First of all we’ll need to prepare the pastry, which in this case it’s basically a shortcrust or in Italian pasta frolla if you want to make it more fancy. The preparation it’s quite easy, you don’t need to be a patisserie master to manage it!

First step: work the flour with the butter (roghly cutted into little pieces) and sugar. At the beginning everything will look like a mess and that’s exactly how it has to look. Once the huge mess (known like dough) look like a bunch of granulated pieces try to put everything together and add the egg yolk and 3 spoons of milk to help the dough to get more consistent and smooth. Wrap the pastry into a kitchen cloth (possibly a clean one) and leave it in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Second step: you can prepare the custard while the dough it’s in the fridge, so you will save a bit of time for your personal life. Put 2 egg yolks and the sugar in a bowl and work them with a wooden spoon until the mix become light and foamy. Then add the flour little by little always mixing the ingredients. Then add the milk (always little by little and mixing).  Now cook the custard at bain-marie gently mixing the blend until it becomes thick and firm. Tip: once you take the custard out of the fire keep mixing it for few minutes until it cool down a bit to avoid a clumpy texture.

Final step: take the shortcrust out of the fridge and work it with a rolling pin to make it round. Put the pastry in a baking tray (remember that the tray has to be slightly smaller than the pastry) and fill it with the custard. Cut the peaches into thin and equal slices and put them nicely on top of the custard.

Now cook your crostata in the oven around 35-40 minutes at 180°C


Note: there’s no yeast in the dough, so if you’ll open the oven to check the status of your pastry it’s not a big tragedy!

Buon appetito!



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