Chivuos Raval: craft beers as we like ’em!

Finding the perfect burger is a task; it requires time, passion and dedication.  Should you want to combine it with a good artisanal beer it is something challenging.  Well,we somehow managed to combine them both.  It’s called Chivuos,  and God know it worth a visit.


The first time we went there it was in Gracia, the so-lovely-place we all would like to live in Barcelona.  I mean: small squares with bars, sun and yarn bombing all over the street: what you could possibly want more?

But up there, it was just another gentrified place: no charme, no history.  Here in the Raval, it’s a totally different story.  Same burgers, different seasonal beers: that’s what I want, man.


Today we started with a Guineu, a Stout from Montserrat with a nutty fresh taste.  We ordered also a veggie burger (mind the size, quite small – yet tasty and fresh and goes with side fries) and a chicken sandwich.  Honestly, burgers are a bit pricy compared to other places around, but the charming environment worths it. The ingredients are fresh, all cooked by a bearded hipster cooker.


Ending up with a cheesecake in a jar seems like a delightful sin while tasting a good Ipa from the Garage Beer brewery. The hop taste will match perfectly with your fading away conscience, while listening to some good old Bob Marley music.

Worth a visit?  Definitely.  But please mind your wallet, as prices sometimes can really be tough.


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