Next destination: Norway

In the last couple of days we’ve started to plan our summer holidays. Living in Barcelona, with our offices at a 5 minutes walking distance from the beach, we decided to go somewhere completely different.

We started looking for some possible destinations on Google Flights  and eventually booked a flight to Oslo.


It’s going to be an 11 day travel and by now we’ve decided only the first stop: Bergen, the door towards fiords.

Collecting information about Norway, we found out that there’s a railway between Oslo and Bergen, which is considered one of the most beautiful journey by train in the world. We don’t have a full itinerary yet, but we know that we’re going to begin our travel by train at Oslo central station.


The planning phase has begun, and we are taking as much info we can, if you have any suggestion please leave us a comment below!


2 thoughts on “Next destination: Norway

  1. i have been in Norway many years ago (too many, time to go there again!) only stayed in the South, Mandal is (was when we were there) a “beach” destination for many Norwegians but water is cold, yes very cold!
    I’ll follow your posts about this holiday which for sure will be very interesting!


  2. Thanks Robert! Good things is that we actually are looking for nice landscapes and kitchen adventures, so even if the water is cold it is definitely not a problem. Still defining the route, so thanks a lot for your suggestions!



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