Around the World in Eighty Recipes. Chapter I: Colombia

When it comes to organizing a dinner with Colombians don´t expect to do something easy and chill. You´ll find yourself surrounded by at least five people, all of them cooking, and all of them with their personal theories about how to cook properly: one person will approach to the pot and add salt, then someone … More Around the World in Eighty Recipes. Chapter I: Colombia

Garrotxa, exploring the rural heart of Catalonia.

Catalonia has much to offer to a curious traveller. Besides the popular city of Barcelona or the crowded beaches of Costa Brava, there are countless beautiful spots all around the region. The only thing you’ll have to do is grab a map and discover the most rural soul of Catalonia. We’re living in Barcelona since more … More Garrotxa, exploring the rural heart of Catalonia.

Finding Doraemon

Once upon a time, we were living in London.  Wandering around the city center, we were attracted by the strangest places around.  Between them, there was a small restaurant for Japanese food called Tokyo Diner.  We’ve been there several times, and I can proudly tell you that we tried almost all of their dishes on … More Finding Doraemon

Interview with Vittoria’s Secret Recipes

We are not alone in the world of food freaks. There are many of them out there and we found one of the most inspiring person among this international community: Vittoria, founder of Vittoria’s Secret Recipes. Vittoria is Italian, she comes from a beautiful and unfortunately unknown southern region called Calabria. A must-visit for every gastronomic … More Interview with Vittoria’s Secret Recipes